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2010-04-08 / Business

Robert Perry Antiques offers different way to ‘go green’

by CHRISTOPHER GORDON Orchard Park Editor

Robert Perry, owner of Robert Perry Antiques at 6479 W. Quaker St., said business has been strong since opening in September. Robert Perry, owner of Robert Perry Antiques at 6479 W. Quaker St., said business has been strong since opening in September. Robert Perry thinks that antique dealers such as himself may have indirectly helped create the concept of being environmentally friendly.

“We ’re the original green,” said Perry, whose store, Robert Perry Antiques, 6479 W. Quaker St., has been drawing a good business since it opened in September.

Perry referred to the phrase “going green,” because as a dealer, his goal is to see that items that were created many years ago find new homes — and in some cases, new uses.

Although he has been at his current location for only about seven months, Perry has been in the business for 28 years and provides a vast knowledge of antiques to his customers.

He developed his love for antiques right out of high school and said this is the only job he has ever held.

“It’s just a love for Americana, folk art and architecture. It just evolved from there,” Perry said.

In addition to owning the store, Perry has been attending antique shows for several years as an exhibitor.

“I do a lot of traveling. I do shows all over,” he said, noting stops in North and South Carolina, the New England states and Missouri. He has also exhibited at shows in New York City and Nashville.

His travels around the country, have not only allowed Perry a chance to educate people on antiques, but have afforded him the opportunity to expand his knowledge of the subject as well.

“I’m always learning new things every day,” said Perry, who acquires pieces for his collection by attending auctions and estate sales.

Since opening his Orchard Park location, Perry also has made a number of visits to people’s homes who are looking to sell pieces.

Through the years, he has come into possession of a number of interesting objects, including an 18th century staircase.

“I had the entire staircase,” said Perry. “I’ve had thousands of objects.”

What makes Perry’s job fun is that the items are constantly changing. This also includes the setup of his store, which changes at least three times a month, he said.

Perry tries to be creative with the way items are displayed, he said, because customers sometimes view a piece and find that it gives them an idea for using it in a different way than was originally intended.

“It may have been a trash can, but now they use it for their garden,” Perry said.

According to Perry, he has been pleased with the reception his store has received.

“Business in Orchard Park has been good,” said Perry, who believes one of the reasons is there are not many antique stores that have opened in recent years.

Robert Perry Antiques is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. He said that with nicer weather on its way, he may occasionally open on Sundays but does not plan to have set Sunday hours.

For more information, call the store at 432-7627.

e-mail: cgordon@beenews.com

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