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2018-09-20 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I think there should be term limits for Board of Education members. They need to be held to the same standards as the president: no more than 10 years. Also, I think being a board member and having children working in the same district is a conflict of interest, and they should be recused from any vote that would affect them. Our children deserve better, and it starts with the board.

.I would like to know when the town is going to get after the new owner of the Harvey D. Morin Post for the high grass. It looks disgusting and will start attracting rats.

.I’m still waiting to hear from Mrs. Meegan about what we are doing with the Burchfield building. It’s no use to the town, and we are probably paying to heat and cool it. If we aren’t going to use it, figure out what we’re going to do with it.

.When you go to the corner of Mineral Springs and Harlem Road, that dilapidated gas station makes the neighborhood look like we are part of the ghetto. Yet, you go down Harlem Road further, where the new SPCA was built, and I’ve had people ask me where the SPCA is because the weeds and grass are so high you can barely see the sign. What are people doing, and where are our tax dollars going? More and more people are leaving the area, and I can’t blame them.

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